Jellycat Napping Nipper Dog

  • Meet Nipper, the Napping Dog—a charming 6-inch plush figure from Jellycat, capturing the endearing essence of a snoozing canine companion.
  • Crafted with Jellycat’s signature soft and cuddly materials, Nipper the Napping Dog invites gentle snuggles and comforting moments for both children and dog lovers.
  • With its compact size, this plush dog figure is ideal for on-the-go adventures, serving as a delightful travel companion or a charming decorative piece in any space.
  • Nipper showcases adorable details, including sleepy eyes, floppy ears, and a serene expression that captures the tranquility of a peaceful nap.
  • Safety is a priority—this plush figure is typically designed to meet or exceed safety standards, ensuring it’s suitable for all ages, providing a safe and cozy playtime experience.