The 5 Golden Rules for Entertaining 

by | Jun 16, 2023

  1. Plan ahead 

Some of the best parties are spontaneous when friends gather.  However, the host needs to plan the menu, drinks, location, etc.  If you want to have a party, schedule it at least 6 weeks out.  Begin a timeline of what needs to be done prior to your party. Parties are a great reason for  Repairs and maintenance issues that need to be addressed.   

  1. Utilize your freezer 

If something can be made early and it is freezer safe, utilize that great resource.  Desserts freeze well and you can finish them off the day of the event.  Whereas most items on your appetizer table or dinner table need to be fresh, look over your menu to see what you can do ahead. 

  1. Outside resources 

Be sure to utilize outside resources to make your menu even better.  For example, if you do not want to make crostini for your salad, buy them at a gourmet store.  Easy, cheap, and it really brings the restaurant feel to your table.  Of course, sauces and marinades can be obtained easily to accent your menu. 

  1. Staff 

Regardless if you hare having 2 or 22, you need to have someone to help you.  A host needs to welcome and entertain their guests without worrying about the kitchen or cleanup.  I use the ratio of 1 staff for 8-10 guests.  It is incredible how easy things are when you can relax at your table with guests, and clean up is happening along the way. 

Your kitchen can be transformed into a restaurant kitchen just with direction and clear objectives. 

  1. Be creative 

People might remember the food, wine, or dessert a week later.  What they will not forget is how they felt when they entered your space and saw the beautiful flowers, decorated tables, placecards, music playing and a welcoming atmosphere!  Research ways to serve food, old ideas tweaked to current trends, or other ways to think outside of the box.  You can do it with the simplest of menus or the most complicated.